We now have a Stock Range of packaging and packaging consumables available.

How many times have you needed a few boxes fast. The number of times we have been asked for an ‘off the shelf stock solution’ is quite a lot.

So we have looked into this and are pleased to announce our Stock Range of packaging.

With various sizes, board grades and other consumables you may need for every day packing. We have put together the most popular sizes and items regularly asked for.

With new ranges coming soon, we are going to be updating the list in due course.

Please read through our range and if there is anything you feel would be helpful, please feel free to contact us for prices.

Our Range of Stock

Single Wall Boxes:

For lighter and smaller goods, we have a selection of single wall boxes…

– 104x104x104mm ID (4x4x4)
– 152x152x152mm ID (6x6x6)
– 229x156x156mm ID (9x6x6)
– 305x229x104mm ID (12x9x4)
– 305x229x156mm ID (12x9x6)
– 305x229x229mm ID (12x9x9)
– 305x229x305mm ID (12x9x12)
– 305x305x305mm ID (12x12x12)

Double Wall Boxes:

For extra protection and the slightly heavier goods, we have our selection of Double Wall Boxes…

– 305x229x229mm ID (12x9x9)
– 305x229x305mm ID (12x9x12)
– 457x305x156mm ID (18x12x6)
– 457x305x305mm ID (18x12x12)
– 610x457x457mm ID (24x18x18)

Postal Outers:

We also have a range of postal outers to choose from.

These sizes are also going to be added to.

– 180x100x50mm ID
– 310x215x70mm ID

Bubble Wrap:

If your still unsure that the standard packaging is going to do the trick, or if the product is delicate and fragile.

Why not dress it up in Bubble Wrap.

Packing Tapes:

Once you have packed up all your products, you need to seal the deal with some tape.

We have a selection of tapes, from clear to brown.

Stretch Wrap:

Sending items by the pallet load.

We offer stretch wrap at affordable prices.