About US

Shelved FSDU's

We Are N.Smith

We are a focused team of experienced, creative individuals, who thrive to offer the best customer service and highest value and quality. We have over 115 years of history and experience that is implemented into everything that we do. We are obsessed with helping our clients utilise the versatility of cardboard and other substrates to bring their brand and product closer to their target market.

From basic corrugated cardboard boxes, to full point of sales display stands. We will design, develop and deliver a product that is tailored to your marketing, brand and budget. Offering solutions that make people stop and look.

We Are Creative

Our designers love a challenge, they love to explore new ways of displaying your products, from straight shelved units, to helter skelters, fitting more on a pallet with corrugated shippers or beautiful looking solid board cartons for gift products or sleeves. If you’re unsure, let them loose, give us your requirements, what you’re after, your marketing message and the most important parts of your products and our designers will do the work for you.

We are able to provide flat drawings for you to add artwork, but our talented graphic designers can generate artwork from scratch. Not sure how this will look, we can show you 3D visuals so you’re confident that everything is in the right place.

Full FSDUs

We are Passionate

With our vast experience, we can adapt to any requirement very quickly and professionally. We believe in order to build strong partnerships with our clients you must be cohesive and honest. This is at the forefront of our sales teams values who are passionate in giving our clients the utmost service.

We can see you in a face to face meeting on your site, somewhere more convenient, or you’re more than welcome to come to our facility to discuss your projects or requirements, our sales team are always happy to help.