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Why would you use an FSDU?

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In an increasingly crowded retail environment in which consumers are hit with up to 3,000 marketing messages a day, it can be hard to ensure that your products remain highly visible. Free standing display units (FSDUs) are corrugated displays that are used in retail environments as a marketing and promotional tool to display and separate products from those on the shelf.

It has been proven that FSDUs is one way of making your products stand out. Reportedly, large displays set up in prominent locations such as near sales counters, end of aisles and store entrances, can result in up to a 64-fold increase in sales than the same items sold from their regular shelf locations

Key Benefits of FSDU’s

Brand Awareness – FSDUs are a great way of increasing brand awareness. With plenty of room for custom graphics and marketing messages, an eye-catching display will stand out in the shops and also in your customers’ memory. The customisable nature of corrugated displays also means that you have complete control over how your products are marketed to your customers whilst helping to build your brand’s personality.

Increased Sales – With increased brand awareness and attention at the point of purchase, comes increased likelihood of sales. It is reported that between 70-80% of all purchase decisions are impulsively made at the point of sale1, highlighting the benefits attainable if you can achieve customer interest at this critical point of the customer journey.

Cost Effective – FSDUs are a cost-effective way of displaying multiple products. The displays maximise the use of available space on the shop floor and provide a high ROI marketing solution whilst using a cost-effective and versatile material. The displays can be designed to fit whatever quantity of product required – and we will always make sure they fit within supermarket guidelines.

Supply Chain Efficiencies – Not only are corrugated cardboard displays a cost-effective solution, but the material is also lightweight and durable – making the FSDUs easy to transport, erect and manoeuvre around the store. The nature of the material means they can also be flat packed, reducing distribution and storage costs compared to other material choices!

Fully Recyclable – Another key benefit of using corrugated cardboard FSDUs is that they are fully recyclable at the end of their life! With a range of clever designs that are self-supporting and requiring no adhesive, the display can be simply deconstructed and regenerated through closed-loop recycling.

Brands only have a small window to impact a customer’s purchase decision.
It takes only 3 seconds for a brand to make an impact.

Brands only have a small window to impact a customer’s purchase decision – it takes just three seconds for a brand to make an impact on in-store. Here are a few tips to consider to get the most out of your FSDU:

Tip 1) Choose your Design Wisely

There are numerous display designs that can be tailored to your product and offering. Decide which suits your product and brand the best:

Counter Top Display Units (CDU) – great for displaying small product lines or products where space is limited.

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) – perfect for attracting attention to higher value products, perhaps new products or those on promotion.

Dump bins – ideal for bargain items placed near tills or waiting areas.
Standees – commonly used for communicating a product or service, and can be die cut to characterise branding.

Tip 2) Tailor your Structural Design

Use structural design to continue your brand identity across all your platforms. Use a custom-shaped header that matches your logo and enhances your marketing message, and shelves that emphasise your product offering. Always consider how your display looks from your customers’ point of view – ensure products are at eye level and easy to access. Also be aware of your product fill, product weight and potential retailer restrictions regarding dimensions to ensure your display is accepted into stores.

Tip 3) Use Graphics to Enhance Your Offering

Another key area to consider is your graphics. It is important to have adequate room on your display to create brand awareness and to build your brand’s personality. Also, make sure you consider your marketing message – pay attention to highlighting promotional offers or key features of the product and position such messaging in the eyesight of customers. Use colour in accordance with your brand and refer to the psychology of colour – for example, use blues and greens to communicate the laid back and chilled out an approach of your brand.

Tip 4) Consider the Customer Experience

Consider where your FSDU is best placed on your customers’ journey. Consider positioning FSDUs next to complimentary or add-on products to enhance sales. As previously mentioned, ensure products and marketing messaging are at eye level to ensure success – the customers may want to touch and test your products. Another element of the experience to consider is change – think about how you can make your displays fresh and exciting at different times of the year to keep customers’ interest.

We Can Help.

Using the tips above should help you make an informed decision on the type of display you require, the type of packaging needed, and the job you need it to perform.

At N.Smith, with over 118 years of experience, dealing with high profile brands and supermarket chains, coming up with the right design for the marketing brief and functionality for the supply chain is not a problem. We pride ourselves that we can come up with something creative to boost sales, increase brand awareness and making an impact with the consumer.