Don’t fall foul of retailer requirements for your POS, FSDU and CDU displays

A key element in allowing your POS, FSDU and CDU displays to be adopted by a retailer is meeting the requirements for their stores. In particular, you are going to benefit from adapting your displays to the size of the store you hope they will appear in.

You can make the grandest display with the most eye-catching design but if it’s too large and makes delivery impractical, or takes up too much room in a petrol garage store, for example, then store managers will be more inclined to remove them. Some of the bigger stores’ guidelines could be mistaken for novels but we can help best prepare your product.

We have worked with various stores and their guidelines for years, building up a wealth of knowledge in regards to getting your product & display packaging designed, created and exhibited by stores in a compliant fashion. 

Together we can help give your product the best chance of success at securing a footprint in stores across the UK.

If you would like any help whatsoever in the entire process from POS consultation and design, right on through to delivery, please call us on 0121 557 1891 or email