Free Standing Display Units

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FSDU’s made from sustainable materials are commonly seen in all major retailers placing products in key positions to entice impulse purchases, seasonal sales & to promote new store entries. A well designed POS unit will attract attention and should be designed to divert attention away from products being displayed on shelving. With a highly experienced creative team of designers, we will create eye catching cardboard, free standing displays units, each display bespoke to your brand, engineered to ensure your products are displayed cost effectively and bringing you best value with a return on spend. We have a full range of retail standard FSDU’s or we can create bespoke innovative displays for new launches, special editions etc.



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Free Standing Display Units or Floor Standing Display Units

Often referred to as POS (Point of Sales), Pop Displays or Display Stands


Cardboard Countertop Display Units

Bespoke promotional displays for counter tops

Dump Bins

FSDU’s to hold multiple items

Typically, a high-capacity unit displaying a stack of promotional literature and products.


Pallet Wrap Display Stand

A mobile point-of-sale solution that is sometimes sent to the retailer fully-stocked and ready-to-go – very basically a pallet wrapped to brand a product that is not going to be displayed on a shelfs.

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