Don’t fall foul of retailer requirements for your POS, FSDU and CDU displays

A key element in allowing your POS, FSDU and CDU displays to be adopted by a retailer is meeting the requirements for their stores. In particular, you are going to benefit from adapting your displays to the size of the store you hope they will appear in.

You can make the grandest display with the most eye-catching design but if it’s too large and makes delivery impractical, or takes up too much room in a petrol garage store, for example, then store managers will be more inclined to remove them. Some of the bigger stores’ guidelines could be mistaken for novels but we can help best prepare your product.

We have worked with various stores and their guidelines for years, building up a wealth of knowledge in regards to getting your product & display packaging designed, created and exhibited by stores in a compliant fashion. 

Together we can help give your product the best chance of success at securing a footprint in stores across the UK.

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Crash Lock Boxes can Greatly Speed up Assembly and Dispatch

There are few quicker methods of getting your product shipped than crash lock boxes. Otherwise known as self-locking cardboard boxes, these are renowned for the speed with which they can be assembled, packed and dispatched.

Corrugated self-locking cardboard boxes also have a small footprint through being flat packed, minimal assembly required, and can often require zero secondary packaging such as tape.

If you or your business are looking to cut down on the time spent assembling and packaging your e-commerce products, we can manufacture corrugated crash lock boxes to speed up your business.

We offer a range of order volumes for crash lock boxes and can also enhance the packaging with printed branding for those looking to present a more premium product.

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The right packaging will protect your fragile items

Packaging and distributing fragile items is one of the more challenging elements of supplying products. Ensuring everything arrives on time and in one piece is the result of many factors, chief of which is the box itself.

Keeping fragile items safe begins with finding the right box. The ideal packaging will minimise space around the product(s) while leaving just enough room for additional protection such as bubble wrap. 

The next concern is the thickness of the cardboard used. Thicker boxes and doubled-walled cardboard will help reduce the risk of damage to the product or tearing to the packaging. The thinner the board used, the more internal packaging will be required to sufficiently protect the products inside.

Lastly, there is the potential for packaging multiple items within a single box. We offer everything from cardboard dividers to bespoke die-cut cardboard inserts and product-specific moulds for particularly fragile elements, such as glass bottles .

If you are worried about providing sturdy enough packaging to best protect your products, we would love to talk to you. Together we can work with you to create the exact packaging for your needs and help keep breakages to a minimum.

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Order your Pallet Wraps & Displays Now

Pallet displays can be the perfect way to transform a utility such as a pallet into a fantastic and eye-catching marketing tool. They are primarily used for showcasing large quantities or heavy merchandise on the shop floor. Pallet displays are a fantastic way of showing your brand off prominently and act as a great method of displaying, advertising and selling your products to consumers.

Pallets are cost effective displays which, due to their size, can really stand out to customers. Branded ballets will also be a bigger draw than plain pallets for retailers looking to build an engaging and attractive shopping experience.

At n.smith, we design and create eye-catching displays from full pallet wraps to pallet skirts, in short or long runs, for small one off promotions to large run national campaigns.

If you are looking for a manufacturer who can offer flexibility, creative design and will work with you to deliver on great value, call us now and make sure you get prime position for your products.

Review your packaging to save on costs long-term

While your packaging may work for you right now, there are always benefits to having a review of your packaging with us. Whether you’ve noticed an uptake in customers receiving damaged products or you feel your postage costs are spiralling upward, we can help overhaul your packaging services to meet the demands of the market.

How an N Smith packaging review can help you:

  • Reduce packaging size (reducing postage)
  • Reduce packaging costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Better protect the product
  • Enhance the consumer’s end product

Here at N Smith we can work together with you to deliver the optimal packaging for your products, from e-commerce packaging right on through to FSDUs and shelf-ready packaging. We can take a look at how to improve your current packaging and potentially save you from costs in the long run.

If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to call us on 0121 557 1891 or email with any enquiries.

Get ahead of the competition – Order your Christmas FSDU’s now

Whether it be staff, stock or gifts, our one piece of advice when it comes to the festive season is get everything in place with plenty of time to spare. This is also true for your seasonal FSDU’s and other customer-facing packaging.

While Christmas may seem like an age away, in the world of retail time is running out to order your Free Standing Display Units for the start of the Festive Season.

Don’t have your design sorted yet? Our in-house of packaging design experts can help create a display stand to make you stand out.

Benefits of a professionally designed FSDU

  • Cost effective advertising
  • Bespoke design
  • Delivery on time and in full
  • High capacity orders

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to order your free standing and counter top displays in time for Christmas.

Sustainable Values of Cardboard can Drive Consumer Appeal

Never has it been more important for consumer facing products to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Some popular Instagram accounts such as Pointless Packaging base their entire existence on highlighting excessive single use plastic wrapping and styrofoam packaging. Consumers are increasingly willing to change their spending habits to avoid egregious packaging and support plastic-free shopping.

Like the customers, we also believe in the sustainability of cardboard versus plastic and other materials for packing, packaging and displays.

At n.smith we adopt the philosophies of Reduction and Recycling in order to help ensure the sustainability of your business. Corrugated cardboard is the number one most recycling packaging, accounting for 84% of all recycling in the UK.

Recycling a tonne of cardboard helps save:

  • 209 litres of oil
  • 4000kW of electricity
  • 9 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 17 trees
  • 31,822 litres of water

In terms of store shelves, there’s a tangible benefit to your products appearing in cardboard Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) and Retail Ready Packaging (RRP). Customers look for and appreciate cardboard packaging, both by helping lend a premium veneer to a product range (our team of creatives are here to help you out here) and by virtue of it simply not being plastic.

Tailored cardboard product packaging can also help to reduce the quantity (and costs) of cardboard required. By using cardboards which are fully recyclable, you are already reducing the impact of your business on the environment.

Get in touch and we can work with your business towards a more sustainable future while boosting brand appeal.