Presenting Your Product Professionally

Solid board carton packaging is a flexible and cost effective method to present products professionally and applies itself to many applications such as presentation materials, retail and manufacturing.

Printed or unprinted, small or large runs and with bespoke sizes and designs, this ‘packages’ up to be the perfect solution to take your product to market. We can also provide a complete fulfilment service to package your products ready to send to market, saving you time and money.

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Keep your teams safe

A return to work after Covid 19 lock down will see a very different method of working for many businesses.

Whilst some businesses will be able to and will see the merit in working remotely, others will have no choice but to bring the workforce back into the work place where direct communication or manufacturing is essential.

We as managers and business owners have a duty of care to protect our staff and customers alike against virus infection, part of this protection will come in the form of separation and demarcation of work stations.

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Just popping to the pub? How about a pop up pub?

An amazing demonstration of creativity at its best…

As part of a site visit from a major retail chain we were asked to demonstrate our creative capabilities, after several design meetings, we decided to create “the cardboard pub.”  Every aspect was made from cardboard, demonstrating the versatility of the substrate. 

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Royal Canin Kitten Starter Pack

Household name Royal Canin approached N.Smith with an idea to produce a promotional Kitten Starter pack to be sold online and in retail outlets.

Initially the brief was simple, to produce a fully printed litho laminated box to hold multiple items which opens from the top.

Things get more complicated with the idea of having a cat scratch mat with printed edges fixed to the bottom of the box which is detachable and leaves the base of the box intact once removed.

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N Smith Customer Stands Out Against Competition With Eye-Catching 360° FSDU

A company operating in the garden ornament market approached N. Smith wanting to make a greater impact in the increasingly fierce retail environment.

Struggling to stand out against competition within home and garden furnishing stores, the client wanted to gain exposure with an FSDU (free standing display unit) that was as unique and creative as their own products – they wanted something much more than just a standard, square FSDU. To be as eye catching as possible, yet in keeping with their whimsical and “enchanted” theme, the client asked if it was possible to have a sign-post-style unit.

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Roll Up – Get Your Eye-Catching Fsdu’s Here

A company operating in the home improvement and DIY market approached N. Smith wanting to create a multi-functional display area that could be used in retail environments and at exhibitions for product presentations and demonstrations.

The brief was to recreate a traditional market stall out of EB flute cardboard. The customer wanted wooden posts and a striped awning to tie in with their heritage branding. As a traditional market stall would have, the customer wanted a counter to enable a demonstrator to stand behind during demonstrations.

“Using a specially designed system we met the client’s brief and enabled them to achieve their goals with a lightweight, multi-purpose display. Helping them to stand out from the competition and maximising their sales potential. This unit is so easy to construct it can be used for exhibitions, internal training, and even set up at customers office for a more impactful impression” said Nigel Reynolds – Managing Director.

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N Smith Customer Stands Out Against Competition With Striking, Curved Carton

A company working in the health and nutrition sector approached N. Smith wanting to update their packaging for a line of weight loss drink sachets. An important aspect of the brief was for the carton to have curved sides – the customer wanted to compliment the current artwork and stand out from the competition.

The carton was designed in 400-micron carton board. This material was chosen as it is lightweight yet sturdy, can be manipulated into curves and lithographically printed with a high-quality finish.

Our designers took great care to ensure that the curves of the carton were designed sympathetically and with the customer’s artwork in mind. We wanted to compliment the graphics and branding, not confuse or take attention away from them. It was also important to consider how the boxes would pack together during transit when designing the shape of the box – we wanted to ensure efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

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