The ‘5 Easies’ of Shelf Ready Packaging Which Can Boost Your Product Sales

In-store it can become all too easy for products to get lost in the miles upon miles of aisles and shelves. Being seen is the first and most important step toward being bought but it’s not the only one. This is where Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) can become crucial for being picked up by stores and for being noticed by customers.

The core values of SRP are known as the ‘5 Easies’. 5 crucial aspects we can work through with you to ensure you make your products as buyable as possible. 

The Shelf Ready Packaging ‘5 Easies’:

  • Easy to identify – Branding on both the external box and the product should be instantly recognisable on the store shelf.
  • Easy to open – In order to best present your product and to save time for retailers, you should ensure your Shelf Ready Packaging is easy to open. This means obvious perforated lines and orientation for the product line-up.
  • Easy to shelf – For fast-paced retail environments in particular, time is money. Any friction in terms of being able to place or remove the product from shelves makes it less appealing.
  • Easy to shop – It should be easy for customers to remove products from the Shelf Ready Packaging and it should also be easy for them to return it to the box.
  • Easy to dispose of – With cardboard, this aspect takes care of itself. Corrugated cardboard can be flattened and recycled, making it ideal in a retail environment.
promotional-retail-sale-signs-boards-n-smith-printed-signage-direct-substrate Shelf Ready Packaging

While it can be easy to slip into focusing primarily on being easy to identify, the other four ‘easies’ are also key in appealing to retailers and customers alike. Corrugated packaging is ideally situated to satisfy all 5 of these needs thanks to be strong, large print surface, recyclable and easy to open. The right Shelf Ready Packaging will save money in the long run thanks to greater shipment density, smaller transit costs and more efficient storage.

n.smith can work with you every step of the way to ensure your products are eye-catching shelf displays, manufactured to tick all the elements retailers and customers will value. Call us now on 0121 557 1891 or email us at and we’ll walk and talk you through the process.